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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Attach your Restube pouch without waist belt

Restube ready connector

$ 3.99
1kg plastic removed from coastal regions per order
100 days money-back
Up to 3 years warranty
In stock - With you in 2-4 days.

It‘s easy - Pass the connector through the Restube ready fixing point and attach your Restube pouch without waist belt.

Delivery contains Restube ready connector without Restube and without patch.

More information for Restube ready here.

Important note: To use your Restube with connector, your equipment (board shorts, wetsuit, harness, etc.) must be "RESTUBE READY“. That means it must have a patch to connect the Restube.

If you have a product that you would like to include a Restube ready patch, please reach out to