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100 Day Money-Back Guarantee
300,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Recreation and Family

Restube is the perfect choice to keep you, your family, and friends safe in and around the water. Whether you are on the boat or at the beach, our Restubes for calm conditions are perfect for any recreational water activity.

Restube Keeps you and your family Safe

When you and your family are in or around water, safety should be your number one priority. In an emergency, Restube inflates in a snap to provide instant buoyancy for yourself and your family members. Its compact, belt-attached design, keeps it out of your way and you free to enjoy your family's favorite water activities.

For Calm Conditions

If you are planning on using Restube in calm waters for casual water sports or family activities. The Restube Beach is your best option. It provides 50n of buoyancy Their pouch design is suitable for calm water conditions. Perfect for any family adventure or easy-going water activity with your friends.

Restube Beach

For easy going water activities in calm conditions we recommend using the Restube Beach to keep you safe on the water. It is small and easy to pack after use. The Restube Beach will provide you with 50n of bouyancy when inflated.

2020 Models

Restube Basic

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Restube Classic

$ 79.99
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Recreation and Family

  • Restube beach with icons: Very easy to pack, Belt included, Attachable at Restube READY produkts
    Restube beach in black bag

    Restube beach

    For recreation & family
    $ 59.00

    Whether on the beach or while you're swimming or snorkeling. Wear the compact pocket to have a better time in the water. Pull the trigger and the y...

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    $ 59.00
  • 10%
    Restube classic petrol with new logo in black pouch
    Restube classic petrol with new logo

    Restube classic

    For Swimming & Snorkeling
    Original price $ 89.00
    Current price $ 79.99

    The RESTUBE Classic is the most popular model for general use. Likely because it has the option to be worn horizontally or vertically at the hip an...

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    Original price $ 89.00
    Current price $ 79.99