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Restube beach

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Whether on the beach or while you're swimming or snorkeling. Wear the compact pocket to have a better time in the water. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube beach provides enough buoyancy (50N) for adults and children from 10 years and up in swimwear. Just lean over it to lift your head out of the water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or by dragging it behind you. Restube is reusable by screwing in a new original 11.9g CO2 cartridge and very easy to repack.

    The RESTUBE is NOT a Coast Guard-approved life vest as it does not go over your head or wrap around you.  It will not help you if you are passed out.  It acts as a flotation swim buoy to rest on and easy to swim with

    We recommend Restube beach for:

    Family & kids | Snorkeling | Snorkeling & vacation | Stand up paddle (summer)

    How can Restube help me?

    The most effective way to immediately contain critical situations in the water is to have additional buoyancy right next to you. Restube is so small that you can always have it with you and it doesn’t affect your mobility in the water. But if you want buoyancy, all you need to do is pull the trigger. You can also pass the buoy on to someone else or wave it to draw attention to yourself.

    Why do I need Restube?

    Restube is so small and robust that you can always carry it with you. With a pull on the trigger you have a lift for yourself or others in seconds! Restube is not a substitute for a life jacket or armbands – because it is intended for all those areas of use on the water where it was previously not possible to carry safety with you, because there was nothing that was so compact and light before inflating. Restube is similar to a Swiss Army knife: you are prepared for a wide variety of situations.

    How does Restube work?

    When you need a boost for yourself or others, pull the trigger. The sealed CO2 cartridge is pierced and fills the buoy in seconds. If you lean over the Restube buoy, it will lift your head out of the water. You can also wave the buoy to attract attention.

    Can I use Restube more than once?

    Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Great quality. Reliable. Lightweight. Peace of mind. Perfect for boat days. Highly recommend

    Super slim, comfortable

    I love my. Your restube. I use it mainly for swimming in the sea or lakes. It is practical because it is so small.
    It is well made and has a great quality.
    I like the colors and the design of the Active more.

    Love it for swimming

    I use Restube when I go swimming. Luckily, I never needed it yet, but it gives me more freedom to enjoy time around water.

    Restube Beach

    The perfect companion for your next family holiday, or a quick adventure with friends. The Restube Beach will help keep you, your friends, and your family safe in calm water conditions.

    For Fun with Family and Friends

    The Restube beach is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It is compact and easy to repack. Great for beginners. After you use your Retube Beach, you will have it ready to go again in no time.

    Keeping you and your Family Safe

    With a single pull of the trigger cord, Restube inflates almost instantly. The Restube Beach provides 50N of buoyancy, more than enough for any adult. 

    For calm Conditions 

    If easy-going water activities are your thing. Restube Beach is the choice for you. Restube Beach is perfect for leisurely activities in calm waters.

    This is how RESTUBE works







    Restube Beach Key Features

    Very Easy to Repack

    After the Restube Beach has been inflated for use, it is incredibly easy to repack, so it's good to go again. Just screw in a new C02 cartridge, fold the buoy and stow it into the bag.

    Belt Included

    The 120cm long exchangeable belt is pre-attached to the bag. Velcro keeps the bag tight on the belt.

    Attachable with Restube Ready Products

    More bands make their products Restube ready every day. Restube Ready lets you connect a Restube directly to your wetsuit or favorite swimming trunks. 

    All Restube Beach Features

    • Full Restube function
    • Buoyancy 50N (~5kg)
    • Buoy length 50cm
    • Buoy diameter 13cm
    • Up to 50 releases
    • Manually Inflatable with valve
    • Very easy to repack
    • Belt included (120 x 2,5 cm)
    • Horizontally attached
    • Compatible with RESTUBE READY products

    Every Restube Comes with This

    Small and robust, always on hand

    A pull on the trigger cord opens the C02 cartridge and the buoy inflates in seconds.

    Enough buoyancy for an adult

    Just lean over Restube & the buoyancy lifts your head above the water.


    Screw in a new original CO2 cartridge and repack. Your Restube is immediately ready for use again.

    Valve for manual inflation

    Each Restube has a valve for manual deflation and inflation.

    Lea Webder, Mother

    “When I'm at the water with my family we all wear Restube. It's so small that you don't even notice it. Restube makes us all feel safer and the best part about it is that the kids love it.“

    Buy Restube Beach