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Airline Travel With RESTUBE

The original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges contain 16g of CO2 and ar pressurized.  In air travel, they are regarded as hazardous mateial.  However according to the IATA, up to 4 CO2 cartrdiges may be carried on an airplane.  All in all, the airline and the pilot makes the final decision whetehr to allow the carrying of the cartridges or not.  If carrtreidge is not installed there are no special transportation requirements or restrictions for the RESTUBE.


According to the IATA / LBA, up to 4 16g CO@ cartrdiges are permitted on board:

  • inside carry-on luggage
  • inside checked-in luggage
  • carried on body

Although this is an official regulation, not all ground personnel is aware of it.  In order to travel without encourntering any problems when carrying RESTUBE cartridges on aircrafts, we prepared these instructions.  Please follow each step to avoid issues when traveling.


1) Declare to the airline prior to departure

Declare RESTUBE including the amount of CO2 cartridges you are bringing to the airline by phone or email.  You should do this directly after booking but no later than 48 hours prior to departure.  As the ariline for an email confirmation and carry that copy with you.

2) Transport RESTUBE and CO2 cartridges separately

Open the flap of your RESTUBE, remove the buoy and unscrew the CO2 cartridge.  Being that the seal has not been triggered, it will remain full and able to be screwed back in when you get to your destination.

3) Store CO2 cartridges and information in separate pouch.

Up to 4 CO2 cartridges per pseron may be carried on an aircraft.  Store the CO2 cartridges with this information sheet and the LBA letter visible in a plastic bag with clasp (similar to hygiene bottles and liquids).  Download and print the LBA letter.

Airport Security Overview

Acording tot eh IATA and the LBA, all necessary steps were taken for transportig the 16g/21ml RESTUBE  CO2 cartridges within an airplane.  All the listed itesm are registered at the airline.

ITA Provision, tabel 2.3.A (Subsection 2.3), 12/31/2013

"Small non-flammable gas cylinders, containing carbon dioxide or other suitable gas in Division 2.2.  Up to two (2) small cylinders fitted into a life jacket, and u; to (2) spare cartridges per person, not more than four (4) cylinders up to 50ml water capacity for other devices"

  • Permitted in or as carry-on baggage
  • Permitted in or as checked baggage
  • Permitted on one's person
  • The approval of the operator(s) is required
  • The pilot-in-command need NOT be informed of the location

Download and print 'Flying with RESTUBE' card that is included with RESTUBE purchase as seen on this page in multiple languages.