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Restube active belt

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While distance swimming or surfing – in particular without wearing neoprene – the RESTUBE tends to not sit well in the middle of your back, and slide around.  Swimmers and surfers want the RESTUBE on their back. The active belt has an integrated RESTUBE stick.  The stick inserts into the belt and prevents it from sliding around your hips to the front of your body.  

Included with the RESTUBE Swim model.

  • Length: 50"
  • Width: 1"
  • Package includes: Belt with buckle, the removable RESTUBE stick.


IMPORTANT: Works Only with the RESTUBE Classic, Sport, and Swim models.  The belt on the RESTUBE Basic is not interchangeable.




Nylon / GFK

Country of origin:


Product size:

1" webbing belt (length 50")