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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide


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XS-sized magnetic-mechanical self-sealing bag

The small, transparent bag was designed for the small but important things in life, such as keys: safe and secure against water and dust. An additional band allows for the mini dry bag to be toted anywhere you go. The closing mechanism works the same as all the HERMETIC dry bags, fully automated, just let go and you‘re done.

  • Bag external: 115 x 93 x 9 mm 
  • Bag internal: 100 x 70 mm
  • Lanyard: 400 x 9 mm 
  1. deal for car keys and electronic cards
  2. Magnetic self-sealing closure 
  3. 100% water and sand proof 
  4. Full phone functionality through case
  5. No interference with electronics and cards