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Restube quick release

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Once you've triggered your RESTUBE, you can release the RESTUBE buoy at any time by simply pushing away the red quick release case.

Who might want the quick release?

If you are swimming and with someone in need, you can simply trigger your RESTUBE, unclip your belt and give it to someone in distress.  No problem.

However, if you attached your RESTUBE to your equipment, like a harness or a RESTUBE Ready (on board shorts or wetsuit), then you are not able to do that.  With the RESTUBE quick release you get even more freedom and safety while surfing, kite surfing or stand up paddling.  If you need to pass the RESTUBE off, or find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to detach yourself from the RESTUBE.

Lifeguards who have tested the system were amazed by the quick and versatile functionality. The quick release can be threaded between your buoy and the safety line of your Restube with only a few steps. The system was tested and withstands over 220 lbs (100 kg) of tension.

Compatible RESTUBE models: Sport, Basic, Classic, Swim.

Recommended for RESTUBE Sport and anyone attaching RESTUBE to equipment.

Product size & weight:

14cm × 2cm × 1.3 cm, .2 oz

Country of origin:


How can Restube help me?

The most effective way to immediately contain critical situations in the water is to have additional buoyancy right next to you. Restube is so small that you can always have it with you and it doesn’t affect your mobility in the water. But if you want buoyancy, all you need to do is pull the trigger. You can also pass the buoy on to someone else or wave it to draw attention to yourself.

Why do I need Restube?

Restube is so small and robust that you can always carry it with you. With a pull on the trigger you have a lift for yourself or others in seconds! Restube is not a substitute for a life jacket or armbands – because it is intended for all those areas of use on the water where it was previously not possible to carry safety with you, because there was nothing that was so compact and light before inflating. Restube is similar to a Swiss Army knife: you are prepared for a wide variety of situations.

How does Restube work?

When you need a boost for yourself or others, pull the trigger. The sealed CO2 cartridge is pierced and fills the buoy in seconds. If you lean over the Restube buoy, it will lift your head out of the water. You can also wave the buoy to attract attention.

Can I use Restube more than once?

Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again.