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Event Safety Parnter

“Protect yourself to save others.”  This is a key message for NOAA’s National Weather Service “Wave Safe” Series which focuses on protecting those in, on or near any natural body of water.  Too often a dangerous condition in water emergencies arises when well-intentioned but untrained potential rescuers rush to help others without proper equipment and training.  A simple floatation device is one of the single most important pieces of rescue equipment when a rescuer may end up in the water! You will never see a professional ocean lifeguard leave their stand or respond to an emergency without a rescue tube in hand.  By equipping race staff who will be anywhere near the water with the waist mounted RESTUBE – Lifeguard they will be prepared to more safely respond to an emergency whether they are setting up a course, helping competitors leave the water or breaking down the water venue at the end of the event.  The RESTUBE – Lifeguard remains out of the way unless it’s needed, and with the pull of a cord the device becomes a critical tool to protect your staff as they respond to help others or themselves.

Bruckner Chase – NOAA National Weather Service Beach and Coastal Safety Expert 

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