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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide
Professional Use

For professional water rescue

Restube lifeguard

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1kg plastic removed from coastal regions per order
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Revolutionary self-inflating Restube Lifeguard rescue buoy.

Developed in cooperation with the SLRG (Swiss Lifeguard Association), German lifeguards (Wasserwacht), and RLNI (UK Royal National Lifeboat Institution) for professional use of lifeguards by German engineers and made with the highest quality materials - the Restube Lifeguard rescue buoy is an essential part of any lifeguard's rescue gear.

Inflates within seconds with one pull of a trigger wire (doubles as a safety whistle) using a replaceable CO2 cartridge (1 included), the Restube can also be inflated via a mouthpiece.

Once inflated, the signal-yellow Restube lifeguard rescue buoy has a buoyancy of 75N (approx. 7kg), allowing resting and easily supporting of the victim's head above water. The Restube lifeguard buoy has a C-shape design featuring a safety lanyard to easily attach the buoy to the victim and a high visibility reflector.

The Restube is extremely compact, it is stowed away in its robust case until use - the case can be carried horizontally or vertically around the hip using the supplied interchangeable belt (featuring a quick release buckle).

Restube lifeguard is only suitable for trained professional lifeguards. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact us: 

Restube lifeguard has been tested and approved by the SLRG (Swiss Life Saving Society).

The Restube is NOT a Coast Guard approved life vest as it does not go over your head or wrap around you.  It will not help you if you are passed out.  It acts as a flotation swim buoy to rest on and easy to swim with.


Buoyancy aid for water rescue
Watchtowers, rescue stations, emergency and water vehicles

We recommend Restube lifeguard for: Water rescue and emergency response

Buoyancy: 75N(~7.5kg)
Inflated buoy: 84 x17 x 12 cm
Dimensions unpacked (LxWxH): 15 x 10 x 6 cm
Weight: 430g
Max.tensile load personal safety device: 250kg
Length of safety line: 1.80m
Releases: up to 200
Country of origin: Germany
Other: can also be inflated via mouth valve, release handle is also a signal whistle, integrated pocket to keep the pull system tidy, bendable buoy with size-adjustable hook system
Scope of delivery: 1x Restube lifeguard, incl. 16g Restube CO2 cartridge, 1x instruction manual
Order no.: RT-00402-RB
*contained in Case Set 2 & 3

The control of the system has to be implemented at least once a year and after each use. The inspection can be carried out by a technically experienced employee of the organisation according to the instructions for use and without special tools. It is also possible to send the systems to RESTUBE for inspection for a fee of 15€ (plus return shipping costs) per restube.

You can find the instructions here.

Restube Lifegaurd

The RESTUBE Lifeguard rescue buoy is ideal for professional lifeguard and rescue use in all water environments.

For Professional Resuce Services

The Restube Lifeguard is perfect for rescue services. Its splint closing systems allow for use in rough conditions and comes with a whistle to attract attention. Its compact size allows for swimming and diving without drag and it has a quick belt release as a safety feature. The Restube Lifeguard can be attached easily to a person in trouble so they can be towed to safety.


When SomEone is In Trouble Restube Is Ready

The ability to act quick is vital during any rescue operation. Lifeguards can attach Restube Lifeguard directly to their waist, giving them freedom of movement and enabling them to swim faster to reach a person in distress.

Attach and Tow

Restube Lifeguard comes with a shaped Buoy that can be attached to someone who is in distress. There is also a belt quick release if the Buoy needs to be detached quickly.

 Ready for Rough Conditions

The Restube Lifeguard is made of highly durable material and features a robust splint closing system. Ready for even the most demanding of rescue situations.

This is how Restube lifeguard works



Use as Tow

Endorsed By Rescue Services Around the World

Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA)

"Career Professional Ocean Lifeguards assessed the effectiveness of the Restube and Restube Lifeguard and found that both units had sound applications. The Restube would be great as a personal flotation device, more than enough to assist self or possibly others out of a situation if required. [...]The ease of use and simplicity of the unit was outstanding."

Swiss Lifesaving Association (SLRG)

"The resulting end product is convincing and, consequently, the SLRG approves the Restube Lifeguard as official operating equipment"

Austrian Water Rescue (ÖWR)

"Positively, the Restube struck by its simple handling and easy activation. By bright yellow color, it is also clearly visible over long distance to go."

Rescue Italia

"The strength of Restube lies in its small size and can be easily carried while on duty. The buoy fully inflated has a thrust of 75N, which is over 7 kg of ascension. Placing the unsafe, or wounded, on the buoy helps him keep his head above water"

German Lifesaving Association - Division Augustdorf (DLRG)

"If it only saves one life, the acquisition of the Restube Lifeguard has already paid off."

Bavarian Red Cross Augsburg (BRK)

"The Restube Lifeguard is a sensible and refined complement to our established life-saving equipment. Of great advantage is its compact way and that it can be used in all areas."

German Red Cross - Division Nordhein

"The use of Restube convinced us in different application scenarios showcasing the advantage of a handy backup. Through the small and handy pack size wearing on land and while swimming is in no way intrusive or restrictive."


Nylon / TPU
Product Weight and Size16 × 10 × 7 cm, 1lb / 450g

6.7 x 4.7 x 3.5 inch

Every RESTUBE comes with this


RESTUBE is reusable by exchanging the CO2 cartridge.

One buoy size fits all

The full inflated buoy has a buoyancy of 75N, which is over 7 kg of lift. Leaning onto the Restube buoy keeps your head above water. RESTUBE helps no matter how tall you are.

Certified Components

All RESTUBEs match high quality controls. Engineered in Germany.

Valve for manual inflation

Instead of using the trigger you can inflate RESTUBE using a valve.  Blows up in about 5 breaths.