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For all-round & athletic use

Restube active

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Color: Black Icemint
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Whether around water, while swimming, or stand-up paddling, for training or in competition. Just wear it stoved in the compact pocket to have your focus even more in the moment. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube active provides enough buoyancy (75N) for adults, just lean over it to lift your head out of the water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or drag it behind you. You also can share the buoyancy with others, which makes it the ideal companion in open water. It is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and very easy to repack.

The RESTUBE is NOT a Coast Guard approved life vest as it does not go over your head or wrap around you.  It will not help you if you are passed out.  It acts as a flotation swim buoy to rest on and easy to swim with.

We recommend Restube active for:

Active swim | Body board | Canoe & kajak | Family & kids | Fishing | Ice swimming | Leisure | On board | Open water | Rowing | Snorkeling & vacation | Stand up paddle | Swim run | Swimming | Triathlon

How can Restube help me?

The most effective way to immediately contain critical situations in the water is to have additional buoyancy right next to you. Restube is so small that you can always have it with you and it doesn’t affect your mobility in the water. But if you want buoyancy, all you need to do is pull the trigger. You can also pass the buoy on to someone else or wave it to draw attention to yourself.

Why do I need Restube?

Restube is so small and robust that you can always carry it with you. With a pull on the trigger you have a lift for yourself or others in seconds! Restube is not a substitute for a life jacket or armbands – because it is intended for all those areas of use on the water where it was previously not possible to carry safety with you, because there was nothing that was so compact and light before inflating. Restube is similar to a Swiss Army knife: you are prepared for a wide variety of situations.

How does Restube work?

When you need a boost for yourself or others, pull the trigger. The sealed CO2 cartridge is pierced and fills the buoy in seconds. If you lean over the Restube buoy, it will lift your head out of the water. You can also wave the buoy to attract attention.

Can I use Restube more than once?

Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Thomas Zeitraeg

Beim Schwimmen im offenen Wasser hat man mit Restube mehr Sicherheit.

Bert Obernosterer
Awesome product

I bought it as a present for my 66 years old mother. Works like a charm! :)

Ständiger Begleiter - sogar beim Freediven

Zum Spaß in 20m Tiefe beim Freediven ausgelöst und es funktioniert sogar in dieser Tiefe. Dauert natürlich länger bis es aufgeblasen ist, da der Druck höher ist, aber es zieht einen nach oben, anfangs langsam, später schneller. Sonst immer beim Segeln, SUP oder Schwimmen dabei.

Hannes Hermann
Great seafty net

I got 2 restube for my family. Just to find out. We ordered a bunch of extra cartiages and tryed it out. Kids love it. It really gives you q feeling of security net.

Gavin Saunders
Great for swimming

Peace of mind swimming, but unobtrusive. I tested it out to know what to expect, it inflates easily, and worn on my back is long enough to easily lean over and rest with it under my front. Not hard to replace the canister.

Restube Active

If you're into fitness and like to keep active in the water. Restube Active is for you, it is the perfect choice for paddle boarding or swimming. Triathletes and open water swimmers can use Restube Active as a swim buoy that inflates only when needed. 

Open Water Swimming

Stay safe in the water when open water swimming or training for a triathlon. Simply attach a Restube Active using the provided belt and inflate when needed. Once inflated your Retube active can be used as a swim buoy.

For All Round Use

The Restube Active is perfect for all-round general use on or in the water. It provides a full 75N of buoyancy, is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is also easy to pack and the trigger doubles as a whistle if you need to draw attention to yourself in an emergency.

Restube Active Key Features

Convenient to wear for active water sports

Restube Active is very comfortable to wear and can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the belt. Swimmers can wear Restube active vertically attached to their back, reducing drag. For long-distance swimmers, a more stable position can be obtained by pushing the positioning bar into the Active belt.

Use with Restube Ready Products

More and more brands are making their products Restube Ready. With this feature, you can connect your Restube directly to your favorite swimming trunks or wetsuit.

Trigger Handle Also Serves as a Whistle

If you need to attract attention to yourself, the trigger handle doubles as a whistle.

All Restube ACtive Features

  • Full Restube function
  • Buoyancy 75N (~7.5kg)
  • Buoy length 65cm
  • Buoy diameter 13cm
  • Up to 100 releases
  • Inflatable also with mouth valve
  • Easy to repack
  • Convenient to wear doing active sports
  • Horizontally and vertically attachable
  • "Active Belt" (120 x 2.5 cm) including "Positioning bar"
  • Compatible with RESTUBE READY products
  • The trigger handle also serves as a whistle
  • Small storage compartment in the flap (not waterproof)

This is how RESTUBE Active works







Every Restube Comes with This

Small and robust, always on hand

A pull on the trigger cord opens the C02 cartridge and the buoy inflates in seconds.

Enough buoyancy for an adult

Just lean over Restube & the buoyancy lifts your head above the water.


Screw in a new original CO2 cartridge and repack. Your Restube is immediately ready for use again.

Also inflatable by mouth

Each Restube also has a mouth valve for inflating & deflating.

Loic Branda

“For me, swimming in open water means limitless freedom. Restube gives me even more focus and enables me to swim further and longer.”

Buy Restube Active