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What is restube?

Restube is a product for more safety in the water. Small and light, Restube is always with you. Simply strap it around your waist or on your equipment and get into the water. If necessary, pull the trigger vigorously and the yellow Restube buoy inflates in seconds. If you lean over the buoy, your head rises out of the water. Now you have time to orientate yourself and recharge your batteries. Restube is perfect to provide buoyancy for yourself or for others.

Where is Restube developed and manufactured?

The idea of Restube came to founder Christopher Fuhrhop after a difficult situation in the water. From the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) he developed the idea up to the prototype and piece by piece his own production was set up in cooperation with experienced production partners in Karlsruhe. Function and the highest quality are priority factors without losing sight of sustainability.

Where can I buy Restube?

You can buy Restube in more and more sports shops around the world. If you like the idea of ​​Restube, support us as a young company and simply ask the retailer you trust about Restube. You can also buy Restube directly in our online shop.

How do I pack Restube after use?

You can find detailed instructions on how to pack Restube in our blog.

Where can I find the manual?

The manual is enclosed with your Restube in the packaging. If you no longer have a manual, you can download the manuals for all RESTUBE products here. Each instruction manual is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.


How can Restube help me?

The most effective way to immediately contain critical situations in the water is to have additional buoyancy right next to you. Restube is so small that you can always have it with you and it doesn’t affect your mobility in the water. But if you want buoyancy, all you need to do is pull the trigger. You can also pass the buoy on to someone else or wave it to draw attention to yourself.

Why do I need Restube?

Restube is so small and robust that you can always carry it with you. With a pull on the trigger you have a lift for yourself or others in seconds! Restube is not a substitute for a life jacket or armbands – because it is intended for all those areas of use on the water where it was previously not possible to carry safety with you, because there was nothing that was so compact and light before inflating. Restube is similar to a Swiss Army knife: you are prepared for a wide variety of situations.

How does Restube work?

When you need a boost for yourself or others, pull the trigger. The sealed CO2 cartridge is pierced and fills the buoy in seconds. If you lean over the Restube buoy, it will lift your head out of the water. You can also wave the buoy to attract attention.

Can I give Restube to my children?

Restube is recommended for good swimmers aged 10 and over. The child needs to understand that in an emergency situation they need to trigger and hold on to the buoy. It’s best to let your child try Restube a few times in shallow water while you’re with them. They experience how easy it is to trigger and how well the buoyancy can help immediately.

How can I help others with Restube?

If another person close to you is in trouble, this is a critical situation in which you have to be very careful! In no case should you swim to the person without a float, as even a child can develop enormous forces in a panic situation, which can be dangerous for an adult. Even with a float, such as Restube, you should be in very good shape and ideally trained in rescuing other people. It is best to hand the inflated elongated buoy to the other person from a safe distance and wait to see if the situation stabilizes. In any case, you should seek further professional help and never put yourself in danger.

Is Restube intended for everyone, regardless of their stature?

Restube active, extreme, automatic, and lifeguard have a buoyancy of 75 Newtons, which can lift around 7.5kg out of the water. In a critical situation, it is most important that the airways are not submerged, i.e. that the head is above the water up to at least the mouth. To do this, about 4kg must be lifted out of the water. If you lean over the buoy, Restube’s buoyancy is sufficient. Restube beach has a drive of 50 Newtons, which lifts about 5kg out of the water. This is also sufficient for an adult, even if the 75N versions of Restube are of course a bit more comfortable.

Does Restube pull me up?

Yes, if you dive and release Restube underwater, the buoy pulls you up. It is connected to the safety line with the belt. The same amount of gas always flows into the buoy, which means that at sea level and room temperature it is well filled. When you dive, the ambient pressure increases by one bar for every 10 m of water depth, and at the same time, the buoyancy force is reduced in-depth, as the gas is compressed. This results in the following buoyancy depending on the depth:

0m depth = 1 bar = full buoyancy = 75N = 7.5kg
10m depth = 2 bar = half buoyancy = 37.5N = 3.75 kg
20m depth = 3 bar = third buoyancy = 25N = 2.5 kg
30m depth = 4 bar = quarter buoyancy = 18.75N = 1.87 kg
40m depth = 5 bar = fifth buoyancy = 15 N = 1.5 kg

As soon as you get higher again, the resulting buoyancy of the buoy increases until it is fully available again at 0m/sea level.

Can I dive under a wave when the Restube is released?

Like a lifeguard buoy, Restube can also be pulled inflated by the belt behind you. The resistance can not be felt in the water and you can also dive through waves very well

How heavy can you be if you are using Restube?

If you lean over the buoy, Restube lifts your airways – in other words, your head up to your mouth opening – out of the water. The part from the head to the mouth is about the same weight for most people. That means it is independent of the height or weight of the user. For more comfort through more buoyancy, Restube active or extreme is recommended.

Can I use Restube more than once?

Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again. The sales packaging contains Restube including a suitable CO2 cartridge that is already screwed in. After use, Restube can be easily made ready to go again: deflate, insert a new gas cartridge, fold up the Restube according to the instructions printed on it, stow the whole thing in the bag! ATTENTION: Only the original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges are 1.) 100% quality-tested, 2.) seawater-proof, 3.) checked for fill level and 4.) the necessary release force is adapted to the trigger. The cartridges correspond to the standard for life jackets DIN EN ISO 12402-7. If other cartridges are used, it cannot be guaranteed that Restube will fill up without problems in an emergency and the trigger may be damaged.

How do I change the CO2 catridges

How to get Restube ready for use again is explained in detail in the instructions as well as printed on the buoy and bag. Attention: RESTUBE only guarantees its functionality when used with the original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges.

First, any contamination (e.g. sand) must be removed from the Restube, the trigger, and the CO2 cartridge. Then the empty CO2 cartridge is unscrewed from the trigger and disposed of in the residual waste. Then fold in the release lever. Check the new CO2 cartridge for damage before screwing it in and make sure that the puncture cap is closed. Then screw it firmly into the release mechanism.

How long can Restube be used as soon as the CO2 catridge is inserted?

Even if the cartridge has been installed in the Restube for a long time, the Restube is always ready for use, as the CO2 cartridge is sealed and is only pierced when triggered. It is only important that the CO2 cartridge is not pierced. Please note the maintenance instructions in the manual.

Product Information

What is the difference between Restube Beach, Active and Extreme?

Restube beach has a buoyancy of 50N and is ideal for families, children, and seniors for leisure activities on and in the water. It is also suitable for stand-up paddlers in swimwear in the summer – wherever there are no swimming aid regulations. Restube active has 75N buoyancy and is ideal for swimming or stand-up paddling, for training, or competitions. Restube extreme has a buoyancy of 75 N and is suitable for rough conditions when kitesurfing and windsurfing, surfing, or in professional use.

In which languages are the instructions for use avaliable?

The detailed printed instructions for use are enclosed in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & Dutch. For other languages, please simply inquire at

What are the dimensions for Restube Beach, Active and Extreme?

Restube Beach: 160g, packed: 15 * 6 * 4 cm, released: 50cm, buoy diameter 13 cm. Restube active: 195g, packed: 14 * 7 * 4 cm, released: buoy length 65cm, buoy diameter 13cm, Restube extreme: 255g, packed: 14 * 8 * 4cm, released: buoy length 65cm, buoy diameter 13cm.

How long is the included hip belt?

The length of the hip belt varies for each version. The individual Restube versions have the following belt lengths: Restube beach and active: 120 x 2.5 cm, Restube extreme: 120 x 3 cm, Restube XL belt: 155 x 2.5 cm

Is Restube a replacement for a life jacket?

No, it is not a substitute. Restube is the most versatile system for more safety in the water. Anyone who needs an approved swimming aid in vest form, for example for stand-up paddling in Switzerland, can use the pfd by RESTUBE. In any case, always follow the local rules and regulations. Safety concerns us all!

Why is Restube not protective equipment (PPE)?

The basic requirement for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is that the product offers protection against danger by simply putting it on (in this case: protection against drowning). Restube was not developed for this, but for various different scenarios. Restube requires additional action from the user, namely that the user has to lean over the buoy. This is why Restube does not fall under the EU Directive 89/686 / EEC (Directive on personal protective equipment). Restube cannot be approved as a life jacket because by definition it is not a PPE.

Restube should never replace a life jacket, but rather be used wherever you need more freedom and other forms of buoyancy. Our system meets the highest quality standards and enables completely new fields of application.

At first glance, it seems strange that a product like Restube doesn’t fit the norm. On the other hand, it is clear that really big innovations are not yet contained in a standard. What few people know is that there are many products that also do not conform to any standard

Can I take Restube on the plane?

Yes, you can take Restube with you on the plane. The original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges contain 16g or 10.9g CO2 depending on the version and the pressure. They are considered dangerous goods in air traffic. According to the IATA, however, up to 4 small CO2 cartridges can be carried on the aircraft. Register the RESTUBE CO2 cartridges by telephone with the airline in good time before departure. Show the green flyer provided at the airport and, to be on the safe side, put a copy of the flyer in the checked baggage with the Restube. The CO2 cartridge from the Restube itself must be removed. You can find the documents and further information here: Fly with Restube

What is the green clip for?

The green clip was used on the older Restube versions to make it visible that a new CO2 cartridge was consciously screwed in and not yet triggered. The clip fell off when triggered. The new Restube beach, active, extreme, lifeguard have a new display system that works without the clip. The clip was only indicative and had no technical function. The lack of it does not affect the function of your Restube. If you have an older Restube model and would rather go on the water with the green clip, we can send you clips. For this we need your address. FYI: Restube beach, active, extreme and the new Restube lifeguard can already be used without a clip, we are working on implementing the new functionality without the clip for the automatic and pfd.

The Buoy is losing air. What should I do?

Normal air does not diffuse through the fabric of the buoy, but CO2 diffuses very slowly. About a quarter of the total volume is released within 24 hours. When inflated with normal ambient air, the float remains plump. In our quality assurance department, we check every single buoy for airtightness. If the air-inflated buoyancy body loses air significantly within 12 hours, please contact us.

The mouth valve has been lost, now what?

Restube also works without the mouth valve cap, because a non-return valve is integrated. However, the cap protects the system from contamination. So that you can continue to use it without any problems, we will be happy to send you a new mouth valve cap. Please send us an email with your address to

Where can I get the Restube Ready connector?

The RESTUBE Ready Connector can be bought in the RESTUBE online shop.

Where can I get the Restube Ready connector?

The RESTUBE Ready Connector can be bought in the RESTUBE online shop.

How do I attach the LED to my Restube?

Instructions for attachment are included in the LED packaging. The LED light is attached to the buoy by pointing the light towards the inside of the buoy. The reflective strip is glued to the back of the LED and is best smoothed with a pack of tissues. You should wait 24 hours before using it in the water, as the reflector is only then fully glued to the buoy.

CO2 Catridges

Can I use other catridges such as, bicycle pump catridges as replacements?

No. Only our RESTUBE replacement cartridges are checked for exactly 10.9g or 16g filling quantity and are compatible with the trigger and have a special alloy for saltwater resistance. If other cartridges are used, the Restube cannot be guaranteed to function properly.

What kind of gas is in the catridge?

As with the life jackets in the airplane or on boats, the cartridges contain CO2 gas. Not to be confused with the gas from the cream dispenser cartridges (N2O gas = nitrous oxide).

How much content does a catridge have?

Almost all versions contain 16g or 21ml CO2. This creates a volume of approx. 7.5 l at room temperature. The Restube beach has a smaller filling size in the cartridge of 10.9g, which creates a volume of just over 5 liters.

How much pressure is in the catridge?

The pressure at 20 ° C is approx. 57 bar, the CO2 in the cartridge is then partly in the liquid state.

How much does a catridge weigh?

The CO2 cartridge with 16g content weighs 60g, the one with 10.9g content weighs 40g.

Where is the catridge produced?

The cartridge is produced in Austria by our long-term partner iSi according to the highest lifejacket standards.

Can Restube Beach burst if you accidentally install a 16g catridge?

The buoy has been developed so that it does not burst if a 16g cartridge instead of a 10.9 is accidentally triggered. However, the buoy is then very tight and in extreme heat it can be damaged after a while. So you should only use the 10.9g cartridge for Restube beach. If the buoy is ever too tight, simply push in the check valve (mouth valve) to release some pressure.

Trace of corrosion or rust can be seen on the catridge. Is that bad?

A slight misting up on the cartridge and the release thread is completely normal with frequent use in the water. It does not affect the release function, but rather is a purely visual flaw. Depending on the environment, it is also possible that a clearer dark gray layer of corrosion can be seen on the cartridge. However, this is also not a problem for the function, because a form of protective layer is deposited on the special alloy, which protects the cartridge from further corrosion.

Are the catridges being refilled?

No. Because of legal reasons refilling disposable cylinders is prohibited and technically not feasible. As a valuable raw material, the cartridges are returned via the collection of recyclables.

Storage, Care, Maintenanace and Disposal of your Restube

Lifespan and shelf life

RESTUBE products are designed for a long service life and, depending on the version, for 50 to 250 (*) uses. The device used must be outside of the packaging, well ventilated and stored at a maximum of 28 ° C. The maximum service life is 5 years from the date of purchase in compliance with the care and maintenance instructions.

With frequent use (more than once a week) and use in tropical climates, the service life can be shortened accordingly. If the humidity is high, the device should be taken out of the box. Do not place RESTUBE products on the heater and do not dry or store them in direct sunlight.


Take care of your RESTUBE product after every use. The five minutes help ensure that you have a good time with it for a long time.

  • Take the buoy out of the bag and examine all parts for external damage: bag, buoy, trigger, release line and CO2 cartridge. All components should not show any signs of wear or severe rust, or be damaged.
  • When using in and on salt or chlorine water: Rinse the removed buoy and bag with the mouth valve closed and the cartridge screwed in well with clear water. If it is heavily soiled, clean it with a mild detergent or a weak lye and rinse with clear water. Do not use cleaning agents that contain alcohol or solvents.
  • The float and bag are dried hanging open. Then pack the system in dry conditions and according to the packing instructions.


You can carefully carry out the maintenance on your undamaged RESTUBE product yourself.

If you are unsure, contact us by email: We will be happy to do the checking for you – you will then have to pay for the shipping costs and any spare parts. NOTE: Never repair your RESTUBE product yourself!

Maintenance intervals

At least annually, as well as before long-term use. You should also perform maintenance after each individual use.

Visual Inspection

Check all components for damage, wear or deposits: bag & seams, belt strap & buckle, buoy, trigger, trigger cord, CO2 cartridge & CO2 cartridge thread (to do this, unscrew and screw in the cartridge)

Trigger test

The best thing to do is to release your RESTUBE product in the water, then you can experience the buoyancy right away. Then unscrew the cartridge on land and pull the trigger as if you were triggering the trigger. The mandrel must move within the socket for the cartridge.

Mouth valve test

Open the valve cap and depress the mouth valve to release some of the CO2. Then the mouth valve must seal completely again. Then empty the buoy completely through the mouth valve. Then inflate it tightly through the mouth valve using your mouth only.

Air tightness of the buoy

Leave the buoyant body completely inflated with the mouth in a place with a constant temperature for 24 hours. If it loses a lot of air during this time, the product must be replaced. NOTE: Pure CO2 will slowly diffuse through the float material. It is therefore normal for the buoy filled with pure CO2 from the cartridge to deflate slowly over 15-30 hours.

Make ready for use

Pack the dry RESTUBE product according to its packing instructions. Make sure that the old pierced and punctured cartridge has been replaced with a new, functional one. NOTE: Only use the original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges, otherwise the inflation function may be impaired. The cartridges correspond to EN ISO 12402-7, as well as UL 1191. They are 1. matched to the trigger and have a very thin puncture cap for this, 2. weighed for the exact filling quantity of the float and 3. have high seawater resistance.


The bag and strap can be disposed of in the general waste. The CO2 cartridges may only be disposed of in an empty state in the residual waste or in a suitable recycling box for metal. They are made of high-quality special steel and are therefore a valuable raw material. Please be sure to observe the local waste disposal regulations!

Help us to spread more freedom and security in the water!

Show other water enthusiasts how you use your Restube. Post a picture of yourself with Restube on Facebook or Instagram and tag @restube.official and #restubemoment and write about your special experience with Restube. We look forward to it!

Thank you for your help, your RESTUBE team

Shipping and Delivery

When do you ship and how long does delivery take?

Within the United States, shipping will typically take between 1 - 3 working days.

B2B Dealer

I am a retailer and would like to add Restube to my store. How should I proceed?

We are always happy to see dealers who want to add our product to their store. Just write us an email at