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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide


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XL- sized magnetic-mechanical self-sealing bag

Size does matter: This is the motto of the dry bag mega. This size is perfect for storing tablets that you also need to use while on the go; the touch compatible material makes sure of this. This XL protector can be kept safely in a bag or be a bag itself. Should everything else get soaked while out and about, you can rest assured that anything you stored in your dry bag will be safe and dry.

  • bag external: 258 x 300 x ~9 mm / 10.16 x 11.81 x ~0.35 in
  • bag internal: 224 x 277 mm / 8.82 x 10.91  in
  • lanyard: 400 x 9 mm / 15.75 x 0.35 in
  1. For tablet, documents and for organisation
  2. 100% water and sand proof
  3. Full device functionality through case
  4. No interference with electronics and cards