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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide


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1kg plastic removed from coastal regions per order
100 days money-back
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M-sized magnetic-mechanical self-sealing bag

Maximum protection against dirt and moisture, thanks to Gooper® technology: The dry bag maxi is the perfect size if you are out and about with a few more items than planned. Even maps can be stored easily in your bag during a hike – of course, so can more high-tech GPS equipment. The patented, magnetic closure system snaps shut as on all the dry bags – just let go!

  • Bag external: 188 x 215 x 9 mm
  • Bag internal: 150 x 192 mm
  • Lanyard: 400 x 9 mm
  1. For maps and GPS-devices
  2. Magnetic self-sealing closure
  3. 100% water and sand proof
  4. Full device functionality through case