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AMEO Powerbreather Wave

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Swimming snorkel for swimming training in the pool including flip turns, but also in open water.

for competitive swimmers & triathletes

The POWERBREATHER WAVE EDITION is an innovative sports tool for swimmers of any level, who prefer swimming in open water. It is also perfect for active snorkel diving in oceans. For the first time, the user is provided with 100% fresh air at all times. The Flip Caps can be used as “Wave Caps” for further protection against water ingress during heavier swells.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Powerbreather – innovative breathing equipment with smart FRESH AIR SYSTEM for 100% fresh air. For relaxed and target-oriented swimming with constantly fresh and dry air, unobstructed view, and perfect fit.
  • 2 Flip or wave caps – for flip turns and especially high waves
  • 2 Speed Vent easy S – attachment with valve for swimming pools
  • 2 Speed Vent easy L – extended attachment with valve for open water
  • 1 Soft case with zipper and vents for safe storage

Product Specifications:

  • Product size: 330mm x 198mm x 38mm
  • Product weight: 289 g
  • Color: white/blue
  • Packaging/dimensions: case 335mm x 220mm x 50mm
  • Model number: PB01