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400,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Stay safe on the water

Summer fun and peace of mind with Restube.

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Stay worry-free as you, your friends, and your family enjoy the water. Restube is designed to be compact and comfortable, ensuring that you hardly notice it's there. But when an emergency strikes, Restube springs into action, inflating virtually instantly with a simple pull of a cord, providing you with peace of mind.

Embrace the Florida summer with Restube! Boating, beach, water... fun and peace of mind guaranteed!

We share your passion and love of the water. Whether it's on the boat, paddleboard or swimming at the beach. We want people everywhere to have freedom and safety in and around the water.

What is Restube?

More freedom & safety in the water

Do you like to swim across the lake, go boating on the weekend, explore the reefs while snorkelling or go stand-up paddling? With Restube around your waist, you'll enjoy added safety for yourself and others. You stay completely agile and it gives you buoyancy in seconds when you need it. 


Enough buoyancy for an adult

Also inflatable by mouth

Small and robust, always at hand

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