Posted by Brad Sorock


Ever been out riding waves on the edge of your comfort zone and worry about your leash breaking?

It's happened to every surfer, and it can be a scary.  With a RESTUBE, it's there when you need it.  Odds are good if you get in over your head, you get on the back of your board, ride it in, and call it a day.  But, in a leash breaking situation, it's good to have the security of having a RESTUBE.

With the RESTUBE Sport model, the closure of the system will ensure it won't go trigger on its own in any condition.  You just need to give it a good pull and it will inflate in seconds.

Accessory to consider:

The RESTUBE Active Belt.  What you don't want is the RESTUBE getting in your way.  You want to put it on and forget about it unless you need it.  It can move around a little and swing to the front of your body, which is what you don't want.  If you wear a wetsuit, no need for this, but if you are just in board shorts, consider this belt.  It has a stick in it that will prevent it from going around your waist.