Posted by Brad Sorock

A quick look at swim flotation buoys on the market and you will find dozens upon dozens of ubiquitous orange PVC plastic options.  A quick look at Alibaba and you can see why, they're cheap and readily available to put a brand name on it and call it your own.


Not only is PVC an environmental nightmare to make, it's also not as strong in many of the properties.

So what is the RESTUBE?

The basic fabric: Nylon 235 Dtex with TPU lamination.  It's much lighter than PVC at 275 g/m² (+/- 5%).  The tensile strength is >1100N / > 1000N/5cm (New) and >1000N / >900 N/5cm )After water immersion; 24hrs@20℃).  PVC doesn't even come close.

Other factors taken into account when engineering the RESTUBE:

Tear resistance, Elongation, Seam strength, and flex cracking.  All parts of high quality.  For example the self inflate / deflate valve is not your typical valve you'd see on an inflatable tube.  It is made of high strength and needing only about 5 breaths to fill up.

The Nylon 235 Dtex is environmentally friendlier, lighter and the standard material in SOLAS certified life vests.


Weight is also a big advantage factor for event buoys made of the same RESTUBE material.