Posted by Brad Sorock
2 Options when it comes to swim buoys / floats for distance open water swimming
  1. Swim Safe Drag Buoy / Float (many models, all basically the same)

Drag Buoy, you've seen them all over. 


  • They come in bright colors to be seen by boaters or people on shore.
  • Offer psychological to push yourself to greater distances.
  • Offer physical security to hold on to.
  • Typically doubles as a dry bag to store some things in them to keep them dry and not leave on the beach.


swim safe float buoy



  • Bothers other swimmers in close proximity
  • Restriction in movement.
  • Higher water resistance while swimming
  • Swimming motion and momentum can get interrupted
  • Disturbs swimming in windy conditions
  • When many have them, you do not stand out from the crowd in emergency situation like heart attack.
  • Bright colors on lakes where swimmers are not allowed to swim across will draw attention.
  • PVC material is toxic to the water supply when made. (most made in China with little regulations)
  • Quality of manufacturing is questionable 

swim buoy float race



  • Compact and light weight
  • No limitation in movement
  • Only inflate when needed, bright yellow.
  • Better overview for the safety team
  • Offer psychological to push yourself to greater distances.
  • Offer physical security to hold on to.
  • Signals a swimmer in distress when waved.


  • No dry storage

Why choose a RESTUBE for you Swim event?

Clear visibility in emergency case because of excellent signal effect.  Swimmers only trigger the RESTUBE when needed.  This draws attention.

swim event race with restube

As a safety director at a race, getting to a person in distress quickly is imperative.  Some events are spotted with paddle boards for safety, but If you have a group of swimmers, how fast can you spot someone in distress?  Cramp, panic, heart attack, all can cause drowning.  As this images shows, a triggered  RESTUBE will draw quick attention to someone in distress during a swim event, or when off on your own, is a tool to wave in the air for help.